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Wakeup With Makeup!

Permafaces Permanent Makeup offers complete solutions for your eyes, eyebrows and lips:

  • Eyeliner that doesn’t smudge
  • Eyebrows that won’t rub off
  • Lipliner and lip color that shape and define lips
  • Corrective Procedures

The choice is yours, we can create a natural, moderate or dramatic look. Call today for your FREE consultation at (804)273-0533.

Edy & Sean O'Brien

Edy O’Brien 30 Years Experience
Sean O’Brien 28 Years Experience

Experience Makes All the Difference

Edy and Sean O’Brien have been providing permanent makeup services since 1989 with nearly 58 years combined experience. Customers rely on Sean and Edy to deliver quality permanent makeup service backed by professionalism and an unsurpassed attention to detail.

Everyone is a Candidate

Everyone is a candidate for permanent makeup. Permanent Makeup saves you time and money and is ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle. Permanent makeup can also offer solutions for people with medical conditions such as alopecia, bad eyesight and shaky hands.

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